Refrigeration Guidelines

Colsec & Refrigeration

Colsec Ltd are specialists in the manufacture and installation of coldrooms and coldstores etc.

We can only offer packaged refrigeration solutions in house.

Where packaged units are not practical – We work alongside a large number of Refrigeration contractors throughout the UK, and are more than happy to work through an existing contractor that you have on board, or, make a recommendation for a local specialist if required.

Packaged Refrigeration Units (Monoblocks)

These are self-contained refrigeration units, which are designed to operate within standard criteria.

Should you have a requirement that falls outside the standard criteria, then a packaged unit may not be suitable, and we would recommend discussing options with a refrigeration contractor.
We may be able to recommend refrigeration specialists in areas throughout the UK.
(We are more than happy to work alongside your existing refrigeration specialists)

The selection criteria for these units is based upon : –

  • Holding temperatures only ( i.e. they are not designed to take account of reducing product temperatures – only to maintain the temperature at the required amount ).
  • The units are designed to operate with a maximum ambient temperature of 25 deg C.
  • Adequate ventilation will required in the areas to be installed.
  • An adequate power supply will be required in the area to be installed ( This will be dependent upon the unit required ).

Operation Guidelines

One of the key areas to note is that the door should be kept shut !

When the doors are left open, warm air ( which carries more moisture than cold air ) is pulled into the room, which raises the room temperatures, and can cause condensation to form ( or in the case of a freezer room – ice formation ).

This results in much higher operating costs on energy, and can cause the units to fail to operate as designed ( i.e. not hold the temperature required ).

There are a number of options for secondary barriers to doorways ( Strip curtains being the most simple ), this will be offered as an optional cost on any quotation we forward.

Warranty / Maintenance

We can supply packaged refrigeratio units fully commissioned, or ready for your existing refrigeration specialist to set up.

We can also supply units including a first year service if required, or excluding this where an existing refrigeration maintenance agreement is in place.

Please note, that if units are supplied without the service / maintenance agreement in place the warranty provision is for parts only on the refrigeration units.