Bespoke Projects

Colsec have become somewhat renowned for being able to deliver bespoke solutions within temperature control over the last 40 years, insulated builds have been realised in many different shapes and sizes and across numerous industries – It doesn’t have to be square!

Vast technical experience amongst both our in-house manufacturing crew and our project managers has helped us to realise small irregular coldroom builds through to huge factory line-outs and fire rated structures.

Long-standing industry relationships allow us access to a wide range of materials and product knowledge, enabling us to adopt an efficient and value-driven approach to each individual client’s venture and being members of various accreditation bodies means we are always working within health and safety and industry standard practice.

Tender Process, Architects & Contractors

A core part of our non-retail work involves collaborating with both architects and contractors.

We often support and advise architects during the initial design process to ensure insulation values and structural constraints within temperature-controlled areas are considered.

We endeavour to move contractors towards more sustainable and affordable solutions when tendering for larger projects and have the expertise to contribute towards design, ‘bill of quantity’ exercises, CAD drawings etc. We will often extend our remit into associated areas such as industrial doors, loading docks, safety barrier protection etc. which can save contractors time and resource during an involved tender submission.

We have personnel throughout the UK available for site meetings, surveys and conference calls to ensure accurate, up to date specifications and pricing throughout.

Let’s build something

Contact us with your requirements and let’s get started on your project.